Secretariat of ASOSAI WGEA participate in 18th Video Meeting of Steering Committee of INTOSAI WGEA


September 20 to 24, Secretariat of ASOSAI WGEA participated in the 18th INTOSAI WGEA Virtual Steering Committee meeting. More than 100 representatives from 17 Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) and international organizations participated in the meeting.


The meeting was presided over by the Chairman of INTOSAI WGEA and the National Audit Office of Finland. The SAIs of China, Nigeria, Brazil, Poland, Kuwait and New Zealand reported their work progress on behalf of the environmental auditing working groups in their regions, and actively exchanged ideas with the representatives of other countries. All participants engaged in heated discussion on the 21st Congress of INTOSAI WGEA and the 2023-2025 work plan. Also, the progress reports of the seven implementation projects in the 2020-2022 work plan of INTOSAI WGEA were presented at the meeting. The representatives from SAI China, Indonesia and Thailand made a progress report on the cooperative audit project “Sustainable Transportation” on the current stage, and shared the details of the project implementation with representatives from SAI Nigeria and the United States.


During the group discussions, the Secretariat of ASOSAI WGEA made in-depth discussion with the representatives of relevant countries,and put forward constructive suggestions on the future work of INTOSAI WGEA, such as offering more practical online training and paying more attention to the audit of carbon emission, carbon sink and land use.