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INTOSAI WGEA Project Leaders Revise the Mini-Survey of Audit Guidance on Sustainable Transport





12 representatives from SAI China,SAI Indonesia and SAI Thailand participated in a video conference chaired by the SAI of Indonesia on 17 July 2020.The meeting focused on the suggestions about the Mini -Survey of Audit Guidance on Sustainable Transport recently given by INTOSAI WGEA Secretariat.The participants agreed to include the definition of sustainable transport at the beginning of the Mini- Survey, eliminate the complex tables, limit the inquiry about transport audits to the last five years and adjust some wording of the Mini-Survey. SAI Indonesia agreed to send the final Mini-Survey to the Secretariat right after the meeting.
During the meeting,the participants also discussed on the inputs for the Project Plan given by the SC members,specifically in the project’s background, objective and scope,and agreed to revise the relevant parts.