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The Vision of Work Package on “Climate Finance” Reviewed by INTOSAI WGEA 17th Steering Committee Meeting

On 25th March, INTOSAI WGEA 17th steering committee meeting reviewed the vision paper of the work package on “Climate Finance”, which is participated by 15 SAIs. As the project lead, the Government Accountability Office of the U.S made the presentation at the meeting with the introduction on the project objectives and expected outcomes, Delegates from the member SAIs of steering committee had a deep discussion on the vision paper and reached certain agreements. SAI China, Thailand and Indonesia, as the members of ASOSAI WGEA, attended the meeting and participated in the discussion.

From 2020 to 2022, the INTOSAI WGEA are expecting to use the outcome of this work package to provide valuable information and tools to the UN and other SDG stakeholders and contribute to the follow up and review of SDG 13a.