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The Vision of Work Package “Sustainable Transport Reviewed by INTOSAI WGEA 17th Steering Committee Meeting

    On 26th March, , the representatives from SAI China, SAI Indonesia and SAI Thailand, which are the co-leaders of work package on “Sustainable Transport”, presented the vision paper of the package in the INTOSAI WGEA 17th steering committee meeting and had in-depth discussions on relevant issues with the member SAIs.

In the purpose of contributing the follow-up and review of the SDGs and providing support for auditing the implementation of environmental SDGs, three relevant work packages have been involved in the INTSOSAI WGEA Work Plan 2020-2022, and sustainable transport is one of them. The final outcome of this package will be a guidance that can support the sustainable transport audit for all the member SAIs., The project will be carried out through analysis on current situations and relevant policies of sustainable transport in various countries, experiences review on previous relevant audits, and a cooperative environmental audit program focused on sustainable transport..

During the discussion, representatives from the above three SAIs responded to the questions and comments on the project scope, planned timeline and ways to conduct cooperative environmental audit, and made a detailed explaination on the inter-linkages between SDGs and sustainable transport .

In the next, the project team will make further improvements based on the substantial discussions at the meeting,and ensure this work package go on wheels in accordance with the timeline.