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CNAO Auditors Communicate with Auditors from SAI Cambodia on Resources and Environment Audit
 On October 28,2019,the CNAO held the Audit Seminar for National Audit Authority of Cambodian in Beijing.Ding Yan, Deputy director of the Department of Natural Resources, Ecology and Environment Audit, gave a detailed introduction to the Cambodian delegation headed by Dr. Saravuo, Deputy Auditor General of SAI Cambodia, on the development history, characteristics and work of China's Resources and Environment Audit in recent years,and vision for the future.Mr.Zhang Gang and Mr.Zhou Zuoyu from the same Department,gave a presentation on case of performance audit of Medical Waste Management in China,and answered questions.The two sides carried on friendly exchange and the communication interaction.
The seminar was an important activity of the CNAO, as the chair of the Working Group on Environmental Auditing(WGEA) of ASOSAI.It was a part of our efforts to promote and strengthen the exchange of experience, knowledge sharing, and cooperation among member SAI of ASOSAI WGEA,in order to further enhance the capability of Resources and Environment Audit.