Theme I: Environmental Audit on Water Issues


Bangladesh: Environmental Audit of Waste

Brunei: Environmental auditing

China: Case Study on Water Pollution Prevention Audit

Cyprus: Environmental Auditing on Water

5.Hong Kong SAR: Environmental Auditing on Water

6. Indonesia: Environmental Auditing on Water

7.Japan: Japanese Government’s Water Environment Policies and Environmental Audit of the Board of Audit of Japan

8. Kuwait: Marine Pollution and Report Frame in Kuwait

9. Pakistan: Environmental Audit on Water Issues

10. Saudi Arabia: Environmental Audit on Water

11. Thailand: Environmental Audit on Water (Waste Water Treatment in Thailand)

12. Turkey: Co-Ordinated /Parallel Audit: ‘Marine Pollution From Ships’



Theme II:   Environmental Audit on Biodiversity


1. Canada: Biodiversity: Some Key Trends Worldwide


2. China: Biodiversity Audit Cases – Auditing Investigations over the Administration and Management of Two Nature Reserves

3. India: Environmental Auditing of Biodiversity

4. Korea: Environmental Auditing on Biodiversity

5. Pakistan: Environmental Auditing on Biodiversity

6. Philippines: Environmental Auditing on Biodiversity

7. Poland: Environmental Auditing on Biodiversity

8. Vietnam: Environmental audit on Biodiversity in Vietnam